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Весенняя школа изучения английского языка и страноведения США "Радуга" - 2007

26-31 марта 2007 г., город Губкин, МОУ "Гимназия № 6"
Весенняя школа изучения английского языка и страноведения США «Радуга»

Группа С
Группа А


1.Yevsukova Valentina Yegorovna

Валентина Егоровна

2. Starodubtseva Irene Ivanovna


3. Babina Elena Ivanovna


4. Sarah Mary Ford

Сара и Елена

Список предметов, которые преподавались в летнем языковом лагере «Радуга»:

Список предметов, которые преподавались в летнем языковом лагере «Радуга»:

- «Америка от А до Я»
- «Английский язык на основе коротких диалогов»
- «Основы ораторского искусства»
- «Лидерство»

English Language and American Studies Spring School “Rainbow”

On March 26-31, 2007 English Language and American Studies Spring School “Rainbow” was held at Gubkin city school “Gymnasia # 6” in Belgorod region. The project was devoted to the celebration of 200 years of U.S.-Russian diplomatic relations.

Sixty-six students of 9-16 years took part in it. Participants were exposed to 20 hours of academic of English language and American cross-cultural communication during 5 days. American English instruction was based on non-traditional methodology, the students were exposed to 10 hours of counseling based on games, sports, and interactive activities oriented at inculcating leadership skills and confidence in them. The curriculum included 3 modules: Enjoy English and American history through short dialogues, Presentations and public speaking in English, America from A to Z and Leadership Session. The participants of the English language spring school got only one home task. They were to write a short introduction for the English language spring school campbook and answer the question “Why do I want to be a participant of the English language summer camp?”.

Every day different activities, games, quizzes and contests devoted to the 200-anniversry of U.S.-Russian diplomatic relations were organized.
The team of school instructors included three teachers of local schools and native speaker – Fulbright ETA Sarah Ford. The interaction with American teacher was a very important stimulating factor. Sarah Ford carried out different out-of-class activities and conducted a lesson in one of the groups of the English language spring school students.

The English Language Spring School was a joint project with the Gubkin Gymnasia # 6, Gubkin secondary school # 2 with profound studying of English and the Gubkin Association of English language teachers “Gubkin Rainbow”. That was a not-for-profit school, parents only had to cover 200 rubles for school meals, which were organized two times a day.

All participant got certificates and notebooks with spring school logo. Bookmarks with the pictures of English summer camp “Rainbow”- 2006 were created and presented to the English language spring school.

The participants of the spring school were asked to answer four questions

1. What is your best story from your week in the English language spring school ‘Rainbow’?

2. What is the most important lesson you have learned in the English language spring school ‘Rainbow’?

3. What emotions are you currently feeling?

4. What new ideas do you want to share with your friends, classmates, teachers and parents?

Below are the extracts from the students’ evaluations of the English language spring school.

Elena Babina

English Language Spring School Evaluation

1. I like those moments when we sang songs with guitar, when we played in the street, when we watched film about smiling and body’s language, when we celebrated spring’s birthdays and ate apple pie. All days were wonderful and interesting in my holidays!!!
2. My important lesson was in the class # 10 when I learned public speaking. It was useful experiment for me.
3. I feel satisfaction!
4. I will tell my friends about all moments with me and other people in camp.
Koval Lida, Group C

This camp was very interesting and exciting. I made new friends, communicated with interesting people, improved my English. I hope that in summer will be Summer English Rainbow camp. Vinogradov Alexey, Group C
1. I liked to match English and Russian proverbs. I liked treasure hunt.
2. I improved my English language.
3. I have very-very-very-very funny and happy mood.
4. I’ll tell my classmates that this camp is very interesting.
Morozova Tanya, Group C

1. I liked everything. Everyday in the week was so cool! Thank you, Elena Ivanovna and Sarah, a lot.
2. The most important? I think the most important lesson I have learned is Public Speaking. I’m sure it’s very useful.
3. Currently I’m feeling sad. It’s very sad that the time flew so fast! I will miss Sarah very much and hope that we’ll meet again.
4. There are so many ideas, which I want to share with others that I can’t name everything. For example, leadership. That’s interesting.
And … in the end I want to thank everybody who organized the camp. It was a real pleasure to learn English and communicate with so many interesting people. I’m so happy! Thanks.
With love and best wishes,
Kate Gubanova
March, 2007
Kate Gubanova, Group C

Катя Губанова

1. The best story from my week in the English language camp “Rainbow” is that it was funny and interesting.
2. All lessons were important and interesting. I’ve learned a lot of new things.
3. I’m happy because I was in the English language spring school “Rainbow”.
4. I’ll tell my friends everything about the camp, because everything was good.
Tarubarova Alyona, Group C

About English Language and American Studies Spring School “Rainbow” in pictures

Declaration of camp rules

Date: March 27, 2007


Contest of Group Newspapers

Date: March 27, 2007

Group A “Clever Indians” - “The Most Original Newspaper”

Group B “Spring Stars” - “The Most Informative Newspaper”

Group C “20 Green Bottles” - “The Most Colorful Newspaper”

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