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Gubkin Access English Language Summer Camp "Rainbow" – 2010

On June 5 - June 22, 2010 Access English Language and American Studies Summer Camp “Rainbow” was held at Gubkin city school “Gymnasia # 6” in Belgorod region. It was the fourth English language camp in Gubkin, the first one was held in 2006.

Fifty-five students of 10-16 years took part in it. Participants were exposed to 75 hours of academic of English language and American cross-cultural communication during 18 days. American English instruction was based on non-traditional methodology; the students were exposed to 15 hours of counseling based on games, songs, video and interactive activities oriented at inculcating leadership skills and confidence in them. The curriculum included 4 modules: Merry Grammar: Enjoy English grammar through games and songs, English and American culture through video resources, Just for pleasure: English through games and communicative activities, Leadership Qualities and team building through English and creative activities.

The project was supported by the English Language Office (Moscow). We are grateful to the English Language Office for the unforgettable visits of American specialists to Gubkin. One of the first American teachers and teacher trainers was Joan Kang Shin. Joan Shin is a professor and a researcher in the field of TESOL. Joan spent two days in the Gubkin camp “Rainbow”. She conducted two workshops for campers and one for local teachers. Joan offered methodology advice in training teenagers and information on resources and materials. She engaged teenagers in the camp in fun, interactive activities. Joan taught our students a lot of chants and songs. The children used to repeat them all the time and we hope that they’ll teach their friends and classmates.

On June 16-19 the participants of the project “Ramblin’ Across Russia: Accessing Culture and Language Through American Folk Music” visited Access camp in Gubkin. Matthew Nelson (Fulbright ETA), Brendan Mulvihill (Fulbright ETA), Gillian Grassie (Watson Foundation Grantee), Jordan Stern (Progress Foundation) gave presentations on folk music, conducted classes, organized extra-curricular activities with campers and the staff demonstrating interactive activities and games, shared their experience with the local teachers, and played American folk music.

On June 17, 2010 David Fay, English Language Officer, and his sister Sarah visited Gubkin English Language Camp. David Fay was very enthusiastic about the project “Ramblin’ Across Russia”. It is a great success and an unforgettable experience in the life of all participants: organizers (ELO office), ‘ramblers’ and campers.

American teachers and musicians did their best to help our students improve their English in a fun and interactive environment. The interaction with American teachers and musicians was a very important stimulating factor.

Every day different activities, games, quizzes and contests were organized in the camp: Tolerance and Kindness Day, Citizen Day, Theatre and Literature Day, Cinema Day, etc. There were two excursions: one around Gubkin district (Sergievka – Babrovy Dvory – Bogoslovka on June 8, 2010), another one to Kursk (June 13, 2010). The campers went to the cinema “Russia” (June 9, 2010), the Palace of Culture “Forum” (June 14, 2010) and the Palace of Sport “Crystal”.

The English Language Summer Camp was a joint project of the Gubkin Gymnasia # 6 and the Gubkin Association of English language teachers “Gubkin Rainbow”.

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